Jump 'n' Jive Big Band -  "He who loves music loves life!"
 Our Mission & Purpose Has Been... 
>    To Provide "student" instruments(at no cost) to less   
       fortunate elementary, intermediate, middle, junior and/or 
       senior high school students - with our committee approval.

>     To Perform Concerts with soloists for students in schools
        - at no cost - during the day or evening.

        With the reduction in music programs at many schools as 
well as other circumstances, we would like to provide these less-fortunate youth with a musical instrument.  Requests for the student instruments must come from the school's music director.
           Cincinnati Music Foundation, Inc. (CMF) was formed  
and is meeting those needs by raising donations thru the work
and efforts of the Jump 'n' Jive Big Band.

          In addition, Jump 'n' Jive Big Band occasionally receives musical instruments in need of renovation.  After repair for students in need, some of these instruments are donated to Cincinnati Children's Hospital's extensive music therapy program. Once or twice weekly, their specialized therapists treat young patients to cope with stress, fear and anger by having them play the repaired and sanitized instruments which possibly motivate them to socialize, write songs, sing or "move" to music.  

             The Ohio Arts Council has indicated that students who 
receive training in the arts have been shown to excel in other 
scholastic areas.  Playing a musical instrument will allow them 
the opportunity to further their knowledge and enjoy the culture 
and art of music.

Note:  Jerry Beck, Administrator and Founder of the 
           Jump 'n' Jive Big Band, was nominated for the 2014 
           Governor's Award for the Arts in Ohio in the category of 
           Arts Administration.  Jerry recently passed away but 
           his musical gifts to many will long be remembered.

*Jazz Instruments (saxophones, trumpets, trombones, pianos, 
   drums, electric basses,  guitars, clarinets, flutes, violins)
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